How to start a real estate agency?

How to start a real estate agency?

Real estate is one of the most important sectors contributing to the global economy. There has been an ever-increasing trend in the number of real estate agents in recent years. However, not all of them are successful since the competition is tough. Becoming a successful agent is about acquiring the right knowledge, finding an established broker and passing the required exams.

Starting your own real estate agency can sometimes be a bit technical. Nevertheless, here are some tips to start a real estate agency. Have a look:

Become a real estate agent

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Regardless of the state you live in, you must take pre-licensing courses but the state requirements vary accordingly. Different countries may require different numbers of hours of education. After getting the right education, you need to seek for a brokerage. Brokerage is already an agency where agents and brokers work. This is where you will acquire the practical experience required to become a real estate agent. Moreover, get license and qualify yourself as an official real estate agent.


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Once you have become an agent, apply for a brokerage. Every country has a different set of criteria to become a broker. Before becoming a broker, you need to work under a broker for a specific amount of time. When looking for one, consider its size, reputation and the form of training offered in the firm. This is will determine how good the brokerage is. Make sure you get into the right brokerage in order to become a successful broker.

Starting the agency

Once you have acquired the license by passing national exams, you are in the position to start your own real estate agency. It is just like starting any other business. You have to form your own company and register yourself with the relevant authorities.

But that is only the required part. There are some aspects that will ensure success of your infant real estate agency. Most importantly, it is important to develop a real estate budget. Since it is a commission based business, you need to make approximations and estimations about different aspects before-hand for a smooth running.

Building client base

Building client base is imperative for your agency’s success. This is where your networking skills come into play. You can even get a mentor who can guide you towards buyer and sellers contacts. You can even communicate with your acquaintances who wants to buy or sell a home. This is a great way to build a network. Gradually you are going to build a client base.


Starting a real estate agency is just like beginning a new business. You need the right marketing and financial skills in order to ensure its success once it has been established. All it requires to dedicate sufficient amount of time and remain consistent within the profession to experience successful results. You can always consult established professionals in the field to get better idea how to bring improvements in your agency.

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