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Tangerine is not like your typical bank. It doesn’t have any branches and because of business being conducted only over the phone or online.
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Tangerine Mortgage Rates

Using BestMortgageRates4u.ca’s comparison charts to analyze and compare other banks, lenders, and brokerages against Tangerine’s will help you make sure you get the best mortgage rate you can find.

Current interest rates

Fixed and Variable Rates

Annual interest calculated semi-annually not in advance.

Tangerine approaches mortgage products with a simplistic approach, offering only two forms of closed mortgage rates: fixed or variable. Fixed rates for 1 to 5, 7, and 10 years are available, and the variable rate is applicable only to a 5-year term. Fixed rates are promised for 120 days, and the lower rate is granted if rates drop during the rate guarantee period.

Tangerine is also offering a simple ’25/25′ payment plan, which gives you the flexibility of increasing your payments up to 25% of your original payment each year, and you can make lump sum payments up to 25% of your original mortgage payment throughout the year.

Term APR
5 Year Variable 3.25%
1 Year Fixed 3.49%
2 Year Fixed 2.74%
3 Year Fixed 2.79%
4 Year Fixed 2.94%
5 Year Fixed 2.89%
7 Year Fixed 2.99%
10 Year Fixed 3.19%


How To Access Tangerine Mortgage Rates

Tangerine doesn’t have any branch locations, so to get the mortgage process started, you have to fill out a mortgage application or communicate with a Tangerine mortgage specialist over the phone at 1-800-568-2190.

Pre-Approval For A Tangerine Mortgage

Once you have gone through the application process for pre-approval, you can easily track the status of your mortgage application through the website online.

Tangerine Mortgage Application Checklist

There are a number of things you must do in order to make your mortgage application process as simple and convenient as possible:

  • Personal information
  • Information regarding your employment
  • Information regarding your assets (investment values, balances on your accounts, ownership of vehicles)
  • Information on your income
  • Details of the mortgage (payment frequency, term, amortization period, amount of down payment, amount desired)
  • Information regarding the property