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Using’s comparison chart will help you determine and make sure that you get the most desirable mortgage rate that you possibly can. 

Overview Of RBC Mortgage Rates

RBC, The Royal Bank of Canada, provides a  wide variety of various specialty mortgage products in addition to the standard fixed and variable rate mortgage products. Some of the products are the RateCapper Mortgage, EnergySaver Mortgage, RBC Homeline Plan, Cash Back Mortgage, and a Self-Employed Mortgage. Simply visiting the RBC website or setting up an appointment at an RBC branch will help you learn more.

The RateCapper Mortgage is a fixed RBC mortgage rate for a five-year period with a max “capped” rate. It provides protection against rate hikes if mortgage rates go beyond that peak “capped” limit, and if rates go down, the rate will go down just as it would with an RBC mortgage rate.

The RBC Homeline Plan offers to consolidate current debt in order to save on interest charges and take advantage of mortgage incentives and a credit line in a single credit plan.

Another financing option is the Energy Saver Mortgage that provides a rebate that will assist you in the energy expenses of your home all the while increasing the energy efficiency of your home. A $300 rebate is provided on a home energy audit if you decide to choose a residential mortgage or the RBC Homeline Plan.

Once a loan is advanced, the RBC Cash Back Mortgage offers a cash back bonus. The monetary amount you receive depends on your mortgage’s size and term up to 7 percent of its value. RBC’s self-employed mortgage is applicable to those who are self-employed and find it difficult to secure reasonable rates for buying, refinancing, and improvement. With this product, up to 90 percent of your home’s value is financed.

And lastly, the Vacation Home Mortgage allows you to finance up to 95% of your vacation home’s value.

RBC’s online learning center includes a range of features such as home buying and selling guides, home renovation guides, energy efficiency maximization, and general mortgage advice, all geared towards self-education and informed mortgage decisions. As part of this process of collecting information, you can compare RBC mortgage rates to other lenders and brokers in order to get the best interest rate on a mortgage.

Finding Out More Information On RBC Mortgage Rates

RBC mortgage rates are updated daily on its website. You can obtain these rates easily either by completing an online mortgage application or simply by calling an RBC loan representative at 1-800-769-2511 toll-free. Additionally, you may visit your local branch.

Mortgage Pre-Approval

You can complete an online pre-approval request for your RBC mortgage rate in less than three minutes after gathering the necessary background details such as annual income, work information, current assets and liabilities, and financial history.

RBC Mortgage Application Checklist

You will be asked the following questions when applying for mortgage approval. Mainly about what you owe and own; what are some of the property’s expected expenditures, such as taxes, heating costs, and condo fees; and whether you will use the property to generate revenue. RBC may require additional details, including:

  • Additional information on the property you are purchasing.
  • Down payment confirmation.
  • Verification of employment.
  • More details surrounding your existing property.

Other RBC Products

RBC also offers many other products such as credit cards, reward cards, and low-interest cards. Visit your local RBC branch or just take a browse over to the RBC website to see a whole list of the products and services that we have to offer.

Background Information On The Royal Bank Of Canada

RBC, Royal Bank of Canada, is considered the largest bank in Canada measured by assets and market capitalization and, based on market capitalization alone, is one of the biggest banks in the world. It is a globally competitive financial services company with international services for personal and business finance, wealth management solutions,  insurance products, customized banking for corporates and investments, and transaction processing services. It employs around 78,000 employees who serve approximately 18 million businesses, public sector, and corporate clients across offices in Canada, the U.S. and 51 other countries.

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